Validate Swedish Coordination Numbers

A Swedish coordination number can be written in a lot of different ways. It normally takes one of the standard forms (YYMMDD-BBBC, YYMMDD+BBBC or YYYYMMDDBBBC) but can also include variations with whitespaces etc. Use the form below to parse a value and find out data that be extracted form the number such as date of birth and gender.


10 Digit String 180085+2384 This is the most common format, often refered to as YYMMDD-XXXX. The year is represented as 2 digits and the delimiter provides the info required to get the full year.
12 Digit String 191800852384 The format that is the receomended one to use when persisting it as it contains the full year as digits and no delmiter that changes over time..
Year 1918 The year the person was born.
Month 00 The month the person was born.
Day 25 The day the person was born.
Note: Because of a limited amount of birth numbers per day (1000) a person might not receive the exact day as the day part. It can be a few days later or earlier, but always within the same month.
Coordination day 85 The day part of the number.
Is the Day + 60.
Delimiter + By default a hyphen (-) but turns into a plus (+) the year the person turns 100.
Gender Female Extracted from Birth Number.
Date of Birth Extracted from Year, Month and Day. See potential limitation on Day.
Age Extracted from Date of Birth. See potential limitation on Day.